LPG / Propane / Ammonia / EO Gas Tanker Test Stations

Mec Elec Industrial Services is proud to operate India's most modern and largest integrated test station approved by the Chief Controller of Explosives, Nagpur, at Khalapur Raigad, for the inspection, testing and certification of compressed gas road tankers of LPG, Propane, Butane, Propylene, Butene, Ammonia, Methyl Amine, Ethylene Oxide, Carbon Dioxide and other petroleum products. The company also operates a similar facility at Onde in Vikramgad taluka of Palghar district.

Our closed loop systems allow for most of the tanker contents (LPG, Propane, Butane, Propylene and other petroleum products) to be returned to the gas tanker after testing thus minimising any losses to the fleet owners and preventing adverse environmental impact.

The gas tanker test stations are equipped with facilities for the

  • de-gassing & purging of compressed gas tankers as per CCE requirements
  • internal inspection and Non Destructive Testing
  • hydro-testing of gas tankers
  • pneumatic leak testing of gas tankers
  • installation of Internal Excess Flow Valves
  • testing and calibration of Safety Valves
  • differential pressure testing of Excess Flow Valves
  • flow measurement and calibration of Excess Flow Valves
  • testing and repairing of tankers' ball valves
  • minor repairs of non-pressure parts
  • purging to achieve extremely low dew points of up to -65 C for filling product like Butene

We issue online certificates under Rule 18, 19, and 43(2) of the SMPV(U) Rules along with the mandatory de-gassing and purging certificates.